Winter Management

Slurry Management – with the slurry season now open again. Many slurry pits are getting full and need to be emptied. As always slurry preparation is paramount. This is the accurate mixing of all layers of slurry into an homogenous mix.

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Extracting more Value from Slurry

Slurry is a combination of the solids and liquids that are undigested by animals. During the digestion process animals may only absorb 5%-20% of the nutrients in their feed, with the reminder left in their manure. Grazing animals naturally recycle back onto the pasture. For housed animals slurry has to be stored and re-applied to the ground safely.

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Five Key Areas for Winter Feeding on Dairy Farms

Forage Quantity and Quality

The starting point in any feed plan is to do an inventory of forage stocks (grass silage, maize. beet etc), then convert the tonnage fresh weight to dry matter to balance this against stock requirements and numbers on the farm. Once you establish a shortfall or deficit then a feed programme can be implemented and what feeds you need to purchase to bridge gaps.

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