Umbilical Cord Systems




The Abbey Umbilical Cord Systems are built along the same high quality, well engineered guidelines as all Abbey’s other products.

Abbeys full range of Umbilical cord systems consists of:

  • 200/400/600 Meter Front or Rear mounted reels on 3-point linkage
  • 1000/1200M Rear mounted reels on 3-point linkage
  • 400/600M Rear mounted Combination unit with Splash Plate
  • 800/1000M Rear mounted back pack unit with quick attach spreading frame c/w splash plate
  • Bauer Magnum SX1000 Pump



400M and 800M umbilical cord realer

  400/600M 600/800M 400/600M Combo 800/1000/1200 Back-Pack
Width 1900 2215 2215 2135
Height 1420 1835 1835 1895
Length 1673 1700 1700 2610
Reel Diameter 1300 1300 1300 1700
Hydraulic Relief Optional
Galvanised Reel
Spread Plate N/A N/A
Detachable Spreading plate N/A N/A No
Steering Drawbar N/A N/A
Guide Wheel N/A N/A No
Road Lights Optional Optional
Linkage 3-Point 3-Point 3-Point A-Frame




Spool Capacity