Abbey Sliding Raised Cross Conveyor

Abbey’s feeding technology is expanding, to include a raised conveyor which match’s discharge heights in both confined areas and yards with wide central feed areas. This unique conveyor is a versatile solution for high feeding bunkers (up to 1.5m high), importantly without limiting feeder capacity. This new Sliding and Raising Conveyor puts Abbey in a position to offer customers a much wider range of feedout alternative.




New Sliding and Raising Conveyor features:

  • Abbey Sliding Raised Cross Conveyor

  • Cross reinforced PVC belt. The cleated belt construction offers an efficient one piece solution for discharging feed evenly.
  • A single hydraulic cylinder provides both the sliding and raising functions when needed.
  • Positive belt tension is provided by a unique roller location and conveyor sliding geometry.
  • Excellent reach over high troughs in narrow feeding areas without compromising on the overall transport width.
  • Dual motors ensure positive belt drive while raised to the left or right.


Model Capacity (M3) Overall Length(M) Overall Height (M)

Max Overall Width (M)

FLAT  top of belt (M)

RAISED  top of belt (M)

 Max wall height


Wheel size as standard
VF1250FD SRCC 12 5.52 2.92 2.32 0.81 1.39 1.24 235/75R17.5
VF1850FD SRCC 18 7.40 3.11 2.32 0.91 1.50 1.35 435/50×19.5


At Abbey we understand that fast and accurate mixing means less waste, reduced labour input and more efficient animal performance. This is why we use one of the best and most accurate system on the market today. Available with the range of current feeder options, which match customer needs. For more information please contact your Local Area Sales Manager.