Pallaskenry Agricultural College Factory Tour

Second years students from Pallaskenry Agricultural College came to Abbey Machinery Factory this week to get a greater insight into the production of Abbey’s machinery that you see today. Many of the students came from both dairy and beef backgrounds, varying from large to smaller farms. Michael O’ Grady, Sales, Marketing & Business Development Manager, gave the students an incredible insight into the production process of Abbey’s machinery and how Abbey has become such a reputable organisation.

He explained the different stages to the production process, the different elements and parts to the machines and the importance of safety within the factory. The students were very impressed with the quality of machines and asked some very interesting questions. One question in particular where Michael was asked whether he thought farmers should go towards a galvanised tank over a painted one. Michael outlined that the life span gap between galvanised and painted has extremely decreased over the last number of years and highlighted that in countries such as Australia or Saudi Arabia the use of galvanised would be extremely more due to their climate. Therefore, it would be depending on the client’s needs whether they would go for painted or galvanised tanks.

Afterwards, a draw was done and David Fenton got to go home with an Abbey Machinery body warmer. Congratulations again David and thank you all for coming to visit us. We wish ye all the best in your studies!