Farm World Show 2017

Farm World Agricultural show, Warragol, Victoria is 1.5 hours from Melbourne and the biggest agricultural show in the region. The weather has been good for the show and farm mood is improving after a difficult 18 month in Australia – with low milk prices and poor cash flows.

Farmers came onto the stand looking for feeding solutions. “What impressive in this part of Australia is the scale of farming, with many herds at 500-800 cows. Most of these cows are never housed and produce an impressive milk yields of 7,000-10,000 litres per cow – through the use of buffer feeds of silage, alfalfa, brewers and a blend and in some situations maize. We were asked about diet feeding solutions to process and mix feeds rapidly as at this scale time is definitely money. Typically, Abbey Vertical Auger Diet Feeders are 20 cubic metres plus and are customised to suit the local conditions in Australia market. There was one interesting farmer in looking for a diet feeder for feeding goats that are milked twice daily.

Russell Dalziel, Farmgard, and Hannah Fraser, Enterprise Ireland at Farm World Show

Farmers were also looking at larger tankers to empty slurry stores quickly and were impressed with the build quality of Abbey Tankers” remarked Michael A.O’Grady, Sales, Marketing & Business Development Manager, Abbey.

Russell Dalziel (pictured here with Hannah Fraser, Enterprise Ireland at Farm World Show) is Business Development Manager with Farmgard, the Abbey Importer into Australasia. He said “Abbey Machines are built to last and our customers see them as the best that’s available. It was good to see a positive mood at the show and we look forward to the year ahead”.






Beef at Pasture in Australia

10000 acre farm with Marino Sheep in Australia

Australia Farm Picture

Buffer Feed Pad in Australia