Polish International Visitors

On Friday 1st September 2017, Polish visitors called to Abbey Machinery. These included: 


  • Jan Odor, Farmer in 64-843 Wyszyny, has 80HA cereals, he also fattens 6,000 pigs annually over 3 month heavy indoor feeding cycles on dry feeds, with impressive 0.85kg/head/day Live Weight Gain. He now wants to manage his slurry to capitalise on its nutrient value to cut down purchased fertiliser costs , empty the Slurry pits rapidly and reduce odours while spreading. 

    Michael O’Grady, Karol Mirota, Jon Odor and Przemysław Olszewski outside Abbey Machinery Factory, Toomevara.



  •  Przemysław Olszewski is a Machinery Journalist from RPT Magazine. He was over doing a feature on Abbey Machinery.


  • Karol Mirota from OM Agro (Abbey Agent for Poland) accompanied the visitors. 




Francis Merrigan, Senior Engineer, showing our visitors around the Factory


While over they say 3500RT Tanker with inverted splash plate evenly spreading Slurry; saw cattle being fed a mix of zero grazed grass, Forages and ration being chipped and fed precisely in an Abbey VF2450 vertical Auger feeder. In addition they visited the Abbey Factory to see various technologies up close and personal – Abbeys Diet Feeding Solutions and new Slurry Management Systems.







3000 Recess Tandem spreading slurry

Michael Kinsella, ROI Sales Manager, explaining the different elements to Abbey’s Tri-Auger