Tullamore Show 2018



The weather just came right for farming, rural and urban families to attend the Tullamore Show on the 12th August. It has become a must attend event.


Abbey Machinery were busy throughout the day. The main focal areas were farmers looking for cost effective feeding solutions to help bridge fodder gaps. With Diet Feeders from 12-21 cube on display, farmers were looking at options that can allow them to economically mix locally sourced feeds. The low Auger profile and strengthened comer gear box design make Abbey Feeders very easy to drive.


Abbey also had impressive Slurry Tanks and Applicators on Show. From fast filling and emptying pumps, additional lights & beacons for improved safety and much more.


There was keen interest in the Tri-App and DM Band Spreader Applicators. Farmers were looking for ways to manage Slurry more efficiently. These Applicators present the Slurry to the soil zone where it gives optimum benefit. Reducing carbon emissions, reducing foliage contamination, shortening the window to re-graze, reducing smell and much more.