Well Balanced and Easy to Tow 3000g Tanker

Matt and Josh Stanton live in the very impressive plains of Southern Alps near Canterbury, South Island, New Zealand. They run 900 cows with milk solids of 500kg/cow/year. This is the upper limit of where they want to go as they believe higher milk solids that put too much pressure on the cow and they are less healthy and are harder to go in calf.

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2500 Gallon Tanker Fills in 3 Minutes

Greg Morris from Sefton, North Centerbury, South Island, New Zealand is currently at an expansion phase on his dairy farm having increased cow numbers by 30% to 360 over the past year. This has involved infrastructural changes and management changes to facilitate the higher work load. He invested in an Abbey Tandem axle 2500 tanker with a 6 inch auto fill arm for added convenience while loading.

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AP900 Spreader is a winner

Phil is an agricultural contractor providing various services to farmers in the territory. He has an AP900 with greedy boards on top for additional capacity. “This machine works hard and is a machine of choice for my customers, particularly farmers emptying lagoons as it is sealed and can take liquid manure and spread perfectly over its spread width.

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VF2850 has helped us to raise the bar

Davin has an impressive set up with 700 cows. He previously had paddle and horizontal feeders, and after lots of research looking at various other makes and brands available, he purchased the Abbey VF2850 with front cross conveyor (slat and chain) 18 months ago to open up feeding option on farm and make milk output and solids more consistent.

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2500R Abbey Slurry Tanker

Abbey 2500R Slurry Tanker 

Taranaki agricultural contractor James Green is “absolutely rapt” with the Abbey 2500R Slurry Tanker that is about to complete its first full season in his fleet.

“The quality is right up there. It is a strong, well-built machine and is extremely reliable.  This is the first year I have run it for a whole season, and I haven’t had to do a thing to it.”

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