VF1250 Diet Feeder: Willie Hall, Prior Hall, Ireby, Cumbria

Having had his old Abbey paddle mixer for 17 years, Willie Hall decided that it was time to trade it in. It was still going strong, but he felt it was time for a change, so he opted for a VF1250 tub mixer.

Is it as good as his old machine? “It’s very manoeuvrable and produces a good mix,” says the Cumbrian dairy farmer. “It’s a simpler machine mechanically because it has fewer moving parts. And with this one, we’ll be [...] Continue reading →

3500 Slurry Tanker: Mains Farm, Gifford, East Lothian

3500 Slurry Tanker: Simon McCreery, of Yester Mains Farm, Gifford, East Lothian

Simon McCreery runs a busy dairy farm in East Lothian. As well as milking about 400 cows and growing 150 acres of arable crops, the business sells its own dairy products under the Yester Farm Dairies brand. Milk, creams, soft cheeses and cultured creams such as crème fraiche, sour cream and low-fat natural yogurt are all produced on site.

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2090 Side Spreader: Terrace Farm, Cockermouth, Cumbria

2090 Spreader: Ian Armstrong, of Terrace Farm, Cockermouth, Cumbria

Ian Armstrong runs a hill farm near Cockermouth with his mum and dad Agnes and Robin, his wife Catherine and their daughters Rachel, Kate and Lucy.

They have 80 suckler cows, mainly pure Limousins as well as 600 sheep: 350 Swaledales on the fells, going up to more than 1,400ft on Kirk Fell, and 250 Texels and mules on the inbye.

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