Fertiliser Applicators



Polyester hopper with easy removal of hopper facilities, heavy duty frame and quick attach system on all models. Range of extensions available up to 1450L capacity.

Simple manual adjuster with infinite graduated adjustments for the required applications to maximise grass growth. Anti-corrosive stainless steel fixed and rotating disc. Oscillating agitator which ensures even flow of material, easy adjustment of spreading width with a co-efficient of variation of 5% is achievable.

Now available is a ‘polyester cover unit’ which protects the fertiliser while in the hopper.

Abbey Twin Disc Fertiliser Spreader

  • Polyester hopper – no rust or corrosion – allows a smooth delivery to the spreading unit
  • Easy removal of hopper facilitates for routine cleaning and maintenance of the spreader.
  • Heavy duty frame on all machines with quick attach system on all models.
  • Range of extensions available up to 1450 L capacity.
  • Oil filled gearbox built from modular graphite cast housing and hardened bevelled gears ensures years of trouble free running.
  • PTO drive incorporates shear bolt protection.
  • Slow moving agitator prevents grinding of the fertiliser and delivers a consistent flow through the outlets in the stainless steel base.

Metal Twin Disc Fertiliser Spreader

This is our new metal hopper Twin Disc Fertiliser Applicator. This machine utilises the same spreading unit as the polyester hopper twin disc with the ability to spread up to 24 meters, it comes in a range of sizes from 1000kg up to 1700kg. There is no division in the hopper thus ensuring an even application of fertiliser to each spreading disc.

Fertiliser Applicator Features


Model Capacity (Ltrs) Hydraulic Control
PA425 425 Optional
PA550 500 Optional
PA700 750 Optional
PA900 900 Optional
PA1100 1100 Optional
HPA900 900 Optional
HPA1100 1050 Optional
HPA1400 1425 Optional

Twin Disc

 Model Capacity (Ltrs)  Hydraulic Control 
 ATD600  650  Standard
 ATD6/800  850  Standard
 ATD6/1000  1100  Standard
 ATD900  830  Standard
 ATD9/1000  1200  Standard
 ATD9/1400  1500  Standard

Metal Hopper Twin Disc

 Model  Capacity (Ltrs)   Hydraulic Control 
 MTD1000  1000  Standard
 MTD1200  1200  Standard
 MTD1700  1700  Standard