Flail Side Spreaders





Abbey Machinery is one of the largest and longest established manufacturers of slurry & muck handling equipment in Europe. Together with a combination of over 70 years’ experience and the very latest high-tech manufacturing facilities ensures optimum levels of performance and reliability to meet the highest standards required by today’s customers.

Abbey Machinery manufacture the most complete range of Side Spreaders on the market today with sizes ranging from 6 to 15.5 cubic yards (4.58 -11.46 m3).  The Abbey Machinery Side Spreader is one of the leading Side Spreaders available on the market with the ability to handle a wide range of manure from solid to slurry.

The Abbey Machinery Flail Side Spreader range is built with increased chassis support to provide maximum support, strength and durability to the drum.  The drive line of the Abbey Machinery Side Spreader is unequalled by any other in today’s market.  The use of a splined shaft on the seamless rotor for chain driving gives maximum strength.  The heavy duty spreading chassis is anchored to the seamless heavy duty rotor tube in spiral formation allowing for the optimum spreading pattern to be achieved.  Heavy duty bearings are fitted on each end of the rotor away from the manure to extend the life of the bearings.

Abbey 2550 Flail Side Spreader

Abbey 2550 Flail Side Spreader


Flail Side Spreaders Features


Model CapacityM3/Yards HP Requirement Length(M) Width(M) Height(M) Axle Seamless Rotor
2060  4.58/6 45 4.39 2.08  1.83  Single
2060MH  4.58/6 45 4.39  2.08  1.83  Single
2070  5.35/7 60 4.85 2.08  1.83  Single
2090  6.8/9 70 5.18 2.29  2.26  Single
2100  7.65/10 90 5.58  2.29  2.26  Single
2150  8.03/10.5 105 5.68  2.55  2.26  Single
2250  9.17/12.5 120 5.68  2.55  2.41  Single/Tandem
2550  11.46/15.5 160 5.68  2.55  2.75  Tandem