DM Band Spreader

Abbey Machinery Slurry Tankers

Abbey Machinery’s (DM) Band Spreaders are vertical folding and chassis mounted, independent of a rear door and fit with Break Back systems.

Abbey Machinery DM Tankers come in 7.7 metre and 10.7 metre models.

• Strong build and fully galvanized for longer working life.
• Applicator is mounted close to the Tanker for maximum weight transfer to the tractor hitch.
• Connected to the rear door of the Tanker, with additional supports to the chassis.
• Lay flat hosing.
• Vogelsang ExaCut distributor to prepare and present the slurry evenly to each pipe.
• Vertically folding booms.
• Rear lights for improved visibility.

• Distributes the slurry below the canopy of the crop.
• Reduced ammonia losses and reduced odour during application.
• Less smearing of grass, so shorter rotation length.
• Longer spreading window.
• Lower disease transfer.