New! 10.7 DM Band Spreader

Abbey have proven to reduce the infield slurry spreading time by up to 35% compared to narrower width slurry applicators, with the introduction of the new 10.7m DM Bandspreader

Added to this wider width, which provides faster throughput, are the benefits of less soil compaction for the end user. This robust Abbey built DM Bandspreader, is chassis mounted to the tanker, in a light weight Bandspreader solution. It continues to take its slurry feed from the rear of the tanker. In months of testing the 10.7m DM Bandspreader with Vogelsang 42-hole distributor, the DM efficiently conveyed slurry to the 250mm spaced pipes. The extended boom tips are hydraulic folding, which has the added benefit of a break back system should the booms be positioned too close to field or paddock boundaries. Low overall heights have been made possible, with these 1.5m tips creating a compact machine behind the transporting tanker.

Key Features:

  • 42 hole ported ECQ Distributor for improved output from one distributor at 10.7m working width.
  • Breakback Boom 1.5m tip using Hydraulic folding rams, for peace of mind close to obstacles
  • Wider working width, faster throughput.
  • No increase in transport height versus the original 7.5m DM due to multi-folding.

Key Benefits:

  • Less leaf contamination: Distributes the slurry below the canopy of the crop.
  • Reduced Compaction: Less runs up and down the field, which reduces compaction.
  • Better Nutrient usage: Reduced ammonia losses and reduced odour during application.
  • Larger spreading radius for saved time. Allowing you to get through more slurry more efficiently.
  • Low overall height.
  • Less smearing of grass for shorter rotation length.
  • Can apply slurry later: Longer spreading window.
  • Lower disease transfer.