Trailing Shoe Mark II Applicator

The Trailing Shoe Mark II Applicator is a revolution in slurry application technology, combining Dribble Bar, Trailing Shoe and Umbilical ready into one machine

The Trailing Shoe Mark II can be linked to a tanker via fixed mounting or with a hydraulic mast (complete height adjustment, easy detachment from the tanker and easy height adjustment in the field). It also is possible for it to be mounted directly on the back of a tractor to run with an umbilical system.
The Trailing Shoe Mark II applicator offers lightweight construction with robust design to ensure maximum durability and working life. The tanker mounting has been optimised to reduce the overhang and minimise the weight of the applicator on the back of a Tanker, ensuring optimum hitch weight for traction. Fitted with 30 x 40mm heavy duty durable hose, the system is uniquely designed with no internal hose restrictions at hose joints ensuring that there are no slurry restrictions to the flow from the Vogelsang Exacut macerator to the ground. The double pivot, three section boom allows the outlets to follow the ground contours individually, when travelling forward, protecting the frame from uneven ground.

7.7 M APPLICATOR Includes:

  • Individual floating sections.
  • 40mm hosing.
  • Forward folding boom, individual folding rams.
  • Capacity to carry a rear mounted 600m reel.
  • Machine rigidly mounted.
  • Galvanised for longer life.
  • Vogelsang Exacut distributor with Auto Reverse and manual change-over.
  • Rear mounted splash plate.
  • Light weight construction.
  • LED lights.
  • Splash plate.