Vertical Trailing Shoe

The Abbey Vertical Trailing Shoe is theĀ ultimate in precision application technology.

The heavy-duty frame is completely galvanised and has been engineered for maximum working life and includes a unique 6-point-linkage for optimum flotation on the ground. These include two outer rams, a central ram and an accumulator. The Vertical Trailing Shoe's 50mm hosing has a high silicone content for extended durability. World renown direct porting pulsating Vogelsang Exacut Distributor. Trailing Shoes are standard with auto reverse, manual change over and heavy duty springs double mounted with rubber boot and steel coulters. The Vertical Trailing Shoe leaves the slurry in discrete lines on the soil below the crop canopy. The applicator includes a self-levelling boom that adjust to the ground contours. Applicators include heavy duty brackets, chassis support, side door and stone trap.

  • 6m, 7m and 10.7m options.
  • 24/28 x 50mm Outlets.
  • 50mm hosing.
  • Vogelsang ExaCut Distributor
  • Auto reverse function