Grassland Toppers

Ideal for paddock topping to optimise quality grass re-growth and to assist weed control keeping pasture clean and fresh. All Toppers are gear driven and fitted with high quality ‘Comer gearboxes’. Comer are recognised as the world leader in gearbox manufacture. Each topper flail is specially engineered, shaped with hardened steel, cranked and free swinging minimising damage from concealed objects while a high quality finish is maintained. The cranked blades allow a high ground clearance on the main rotor blade, again minimising risk of damage. The blades uniquely mulch the topped grass, which optimise re-growth.

All Abbey toppers are built utilising the company’s long standing tradition of using the highest grades of components available and using a highly qualified team of engineers with emphasis on the machine being robust, safe, accurate, efficient and cost effective.