Agri Pro Trailing Shoe

The new 7.7m Trailing Shoe maintains the precision and quality of the Abbey trailing shoe range with direct soil engagement in a new streamlined design.

The 7.7m Agri Pro Trailing Shoe is a custom Abbey engineered design which provides soil engagement with an enhanced contour following, a 30-hole distributor, 40mm hose, 5” distribution pipe, facility for splash plate attachment and rear lights. The Agri Pro Trailing Shoe pairs perfectly with Abbey’s extensive slurry tanker range or can be purchased stand alone as a retro fit. The Abbey slurry management system is key for operators looking to get the most out of their nutrient dense slurry through correct utilization of N, Ps & Ks for improved yields and reduced artificial fertiliser costs.

Machine Specifications


Hp Required

Gross Weight

Transport Width

Transport Height

Central Distributor








The Agri Pro is designed to optimize nutrient application and reduce environmental impact, making it an asset for farmers working to enhance sustainability practices. By utilising cutting edge engineering technology for most impactful soil engagement, Abbey Machinery has developed a system that promotes efficient fertilization while minimizing runoff and environmental contamination. LESS trailing shoe technology can reduce the loss of harmful emissions on farm by up to 60%.

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