Abbey Machinery Diet Feeders

Abbey Machinery manufacture an extensive range of Vertical Diet Feeders

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Abbey Diet Feeders are ideal for customers wishing for extra capacity with stability and quality of mix without extra height. Ranging from 15m³ to 30.5m³ Abbey machines are tailored for individual requirements. 

Abbey Diet Feeders feature a range of optional extras to meet the specific needs of each farm. An Abbey Sales Manager will work with you to determine the best fit for your farm's needs. 

Feeders feature Digi-Star weighing systems for feed accuracy, heavy duty COMER gearboxes and either 15 or 22mm augers for premium mix quality. The unique tub design of Abbey Diet Feeders results in complete movement of feed for a well-mixed, easily digestible mix for your herd. Specs for all Abbey Diet Feeders can be found here.