Abbey Machinery Diet Feeders

Abbey Machinery manufacture an extensive range of Diet Feeders to fit the needs of every farm.

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Abbey Diet Feeders are ideal for customers wishing for extra capacity with stability and quality of mix without extra height. 

Abbey's range of Plus Range Diet Feeders now include the following as standard:

  • 22m auger standard
  • 2810 Digi Star clock 
  • Fully galvanized viewing platform
  • New style feed out arm
  • Rounded mudguards 
  • Wider trays for minimize spillage
  • Door wedges for more even feed out

The unique tub design of Abbey Diet Feeders results in complete movement of feed for a well-mixed, easily digestible mix for your herd. Specs for all Abbey Diet Feeders can be found here.

Abbey Feeders Make on Farm Sustainability Easier

The Abbey Diet Feeder offer a unique chopping and mixing action which helps the animal to digest the maximum amount of nutrients from the feed they have eaten, to drive performance and even to reduce environmental emissions – from both nitrogen and methane.

Diet feeding has significant advantages to both dry cow and milking cow health and production, it stimulates appetite whether at grass or indoors, aids cows in maximising their potential in terms of fertility and milk solids production. The use of native cereals and home-produced silages in buffer diets at grass help to make efficient, environmentally friendly use of grass proteins and further reduces the carbon footprint of farms.

The vertical auger feeders range from single double and tri auger models with capacity from 8 cubic meters to 33.5 cubic meters, again with optional extras and technologies tailored for individual requirements.

The Abbey Diet Feeder with efficient feed management tracking will better improve the health of the herd, support reduction in the carbon footprint and improve the farmer’s financial position.