Abbey Machinery Sustainability Journey

At Abbey Machinery, we are committed to sustainability in every aspect of our operations.

Our dedication to environmental stewardship and social responsibility is ingrained in our corporate culture. We recognize the urgent need to address global challenges such as climate change and we strive to be part of the solution.

In 1992, Abbey Machinery became one of the first agricultural manufacturers in Ireland to introduce Low Emission Slurry Spreading (LESS). To reduce emissions, Abbey Machinery has developed more efficient ways to spread slurry. As awareness of the need for sustainable farming has increased in recent years Abbey Machinery continues to work with customers, researchers and suppliers to innovate machines to best support sustainable farming.

Along with the increased focus on product, Abbey’s strategy is to incorporate sustainability into our production process and business activities. Although we are at the beginning of this journey, there is an active plan to invest in capital equipment with more energy efficient solutions. 


Sustainability in Production: Abbey has installed new, energy-efficient equipment, including a new fibre laser machine, replacing CO2 laser, with a significantly more energy-efficient process. Additional plasma cutting upgrades increase product quality and increase capacity.

Abbey have recently introduced a 250-kilowatt solar system to reduce dependency on the electricity grid. Currently over 60% percent of the electricity used at Abbey Machinery is now sourced from renewable energy, with a commitment to sourcing 100% green energy longer term. 

A rainwater harvesting system installed at Abbey also results in the use of less water than a domestic household further reducing environmental impact.


Sustainability in Product: Abbey Machinery are committed to making sustainable farming easier for our customers through the development of smart, green machines.

Abbey Machinery’s sustainable applicator product range includes Trailing Shoes, Band Spreaders and Disc Injectors. The use of LESS applicators can support reduction in ammonia loss from 30-60% on farm.

Abbey Machinery offers various flow metering and monitoring solutions in our slurry solution options. This allows the user to monitor slurry flow, application rates to allow forward speed matching and flow control to match forward spread and pre-set application rates.

Abbey Machinery also offers Near-Infra-Red (NIR) technology to measure the slurry’s nutrient makeup, enabling farmers to better care for the environment and significantly diminishing the use of artificial fertilisers.

The Abbey Diet Feeder range offers a unique chopping and mixing action which helps the animal to digest the maximum amount of nutrients from the feed they have eaten, to drive performance and even to reduce environmental emissions – from both nitrogen and methane. Diet Feeders can help reduce carbon footprint by approximately 11.2% through more efficient and balanced feeding.


At Abbey Machinery, sustainability is not just a goal—it's a journey. We recognize that achieving true sustainability requires continuous improvement, collaboration, and accountability. By working together with our stakeholders, we are committed to creating a more sustainable future for generations to come.