Energy Policy

Abbey Machinery’s Energy Policy

Abbey Machinery is committed to a sustainable way of working, using energy as efficiently as possible, complying with energy legislation, and achieving targets in energy conservation. The purposes of this Energy Policy Statement are to raise awareness on energy efficiency among the organisation, to improve our performance on energy consumption and to reduce our environmental impact related to energy use. We aim to deliver on this commitment by:

  • Working actively on an energy reduction programme promoting energy efficiency across all activities on site and defined in the system scope.
  • Ensuring the energy policy is appropriate to the purpose of the organisation
  • Provides a framework for setting and reviewing objectives and energy targets
  • Identifying improved technologies and deploying them where practicable.
  • Implementing a continual improvement programme on energy performance, energy efficiency and the overall EnMS. This programme will address the products, processes, and other activities with the most significant energy usage.
  • Developing energy conservation action plans and regularly assessing whether the objectives and targets are being achieved.
  • Providing employees with the necessary awareness, education, and training to implement this energy policy.
  • Ensuring the availability of information and necessary resources to achieve objectives and energy targets
  • Complying with all relevant energy legislation, legal and other requirements, that relate to energy consumption, energy use and energy efficiency.
  • Incorporating an energy efficiency evaluation dimension to the decision-making process relating to all future capital investments, facility upgrades and contracted services.
  • Support the procurement of energy efficient products and services that impact energy performance
  • Support design activities that consider energy performance improvement

This Energy Policy Statement will be communicated to all staff and is available to all interested parties and the public in general on request and will be on display around the site. This policy is reviewed annually to ensure it remains relevant and in line with the company’s objectives & targets.