Industrial Applications

Abbey Machinery, experts in engineering and manufacturing blend experience in manufacturing premium trouble free robust machines with technology, innovation and sustainability to offer a range of ready for market industrial machine solutions like dust suppression tanks and biogas static feeders.  

Abbey Machinery offer a range of machine with a variety of customizable optional extras to best fit the needs of the end user.

Opportunities for custom paint and branding ensure the machine fits seamlessly into an existing fleet.


  • Dust suppression.
  • Road washing
  • Water transport
  • Industrial/ domestic waste management

Abbey Tanks are ideal for use in quarries, construction sites and other civil engineering projects for instance.

Static Diet Feeders:

  • Biogas
  • Anaerobic digestion: conversion of feed stock into biogas and digestate.
  • Static feed/ ration mixing

Static Diet Feeders are ideal for research facilities and energy companies

A new initiative in Teagasc Grange uses the Abbey VF2850 to see the energy making capability of mixing grass silage and slurry. The Abbey VF2850 Diet Feeder is used to chop and prepare the grass silage as part of the overall unit.

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