SMART Tankers

Abbey Machinery’s new SMART tanker is complete with NIR sensor, application rate technology, including flow meter, sense gate valve, automatically operated electric actuator and is ISOBUS compatible.  

New Near-Infra-Red (NIR) technology actively measures the nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and dry matter in the slurry. This allows the farmer to apply the exact amount of nutrients where and when they are needed, this increases sustainability and significantly reduces artificial fertiliser inputs on-farm.

The ISOBUS solution while actively controlling the tanker and application rate technology, allows the distributor head to be sequenced electronically to operate within a group of functions. The boom arms will lower, the gate valves open and the distributor switches on in a timed sequence. If the distributor feels over pressure, a signal is sensed on the ISOBUS solution and the distributor head automatically reverses to free any potential blockage. If the blockage cannot be freed the operator is warned on the screen in the tractor. The electro-hydraulic valve bank is load sensing and is only called-on when required, contributing to saving fuel costs.

This SMART Tanker is fit with a water-cooled vacuum pump, with ballast ports, complete water jacket around the normal rotor assembly and a filtering system to the traps on the tanker. This helps the tank to run for prolonged periods of time, and its cooling system keeps the pump at an optimum working temperature automatically.