Plus Range Diet Feeders

Abbey Plus Models range from VF2450 - VF3050 for faster feeding of larger herds and premium quality of mix. 

Larger herds have greater feeding demands, be it more loads per day or larger load capacities these monster models offer extra strength, versatility and longer working life.

  • Comes with a 50% thicker auger for extended working.
  • Wider base coupled with improved gearbox mounting flange guarantee better mixing performance with improved support and strength.
  • New horizontal and tilting monitor support, which has been designed to keep operators further away from PTO’s (for added safety). 
  • The monitor includes serial port and auto-on for added versatility.
  • Abbey’s new door design delivers improved flow of material positioning the feed to the center of the door as it exits the feeder to give a more even and rapid feed-out.
  • Includes safety platform and folding ladder for easier viewing into the mixing chamber and a parallel tubular top retaining ring to reduce any feed waste during mixing.

Download the Abbey Feed Equipment Guide here for specs on all Plus Range Models