Abbey Machinery’s LESS Applicators Qualify for Farming Equipment & Technology Fund

 Tue, 14th Dec, 2021

Abbey Machinery have an upgraded range of low emission slurry spreading applicators which qualify for the recent Farming Equipment & Technology grant.

Abbey low emission slurry spreading applicators include the following models in a variety of sizes to meet the spec of the customer. The range includes the DM Chassis Mounted Band Spreader, Trailing Shoe, Shallow Disc Injector and Cereal applicator models. Applicators range from 7.7 metres to 12 metre models. The mounted stand-alone low emissions slurry spreading efficiently and sustainably deliver slurry to the ground complementing the Abbey tanker range. The benefits of these machines are the method they deliver the slurry onto the soil to harness value, reduce rotation period, reduce carbon emissions, minimise crop contamination and reduce smell. Abbey Machinery LESS Applicators are key to efficiently meeting emissions reduction regulations while saving money through the precise application of valuable, nutrient dense slurry. Abbey Machinery applicators can result in up to 60% reduction in N loss while maintaining the optimal delivery of N, P & K to the leafy growing sward. Abbey applicators can also help reduce purchased fertilizer costs and reduce gaseous emissions to the atmosphere. Abbey applicators are built strong and fully galvanized for longer working life. Applicators are mounted close to the tanker for maximum weight transfer to the tractor hitch. Additional features of some models include individual folding rams, spring back solutions and umbilical ready options. Abbey applicators are all fitted with the Vogelsang ExaCut ECQ distributor. The Vogelsang ExaCut ECQ supports the Abbey applicator in even distribution of nutrients, even more precisely than ever due to flow optimization. For more information on machine specs view the Abbey Applicator range here