Abbey Machinery return to LAMMA show

 Fri, 6th May, 2022

Abbey showcase Tanks, Applicators and Feeders at the 2022 LAMMA show.

Abbey Machinery return to LAMMA show

The Abbey Machinery team were delighted to return to the LAMMA show in Birmingham this May. Abbey exhibited a 3500 Recessed Tandem Tanker, Premium Plus 7.7m Trailing Shoe, a 10.7 DM Band Spreader and a VF2100 Diet Feeder. 

Abbey Machinery are offering innovative machinery solutions that make sustainable, data driven farming as efficient and easy as possible for the farmer. Abbey Machinery are supporting reduced emissions spreading with our new Slurry Applicator technology. Our sustainable product range includes Trailing Shoe, DM Band Spreaders and Disc Injector slurry applicators. These applicators reduce the surface area of the slurry by placing it in narrow bands rather than a thin film on the grass. The Band Spreader will deliver up to 30% reduction and the trailing shoe up to 60% reduction in ammonia losses. Abbey Machinery’s digitally advanced Diet Feeders support the accurate and efficient feeding of the dairy herd further increasing the sustainability and effectiveness of the farm. 

The Abbey team were thrilled to meet again with customers in person after a long break without shows. It was a great opportunity to meet with industry partners to see the latest innovations in the agriculture industry. 

Abbey are looking forward to a busy season of shows through the summer to meet with our customers and partners in all markets. 

Learn more about our low emission slurry spreading applicator range here