Abbey Machinery and the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund (FETF) (UK) 2024

 Wed, 21st Feb, 2024

Abbey Machinery’s extensive offering of LESS Applicators and Flow Meter Technology match many of the grant options available in FETF 2024.

The Farming Equipment and Technology Fund (FETF) 2024 offers grants to farmers in England looking to invest in equipment that reduces ammonia emissions and optimizes the use of slurry as organic fertilizer as well as equipment aiding in the productivity of the livestock herd.

Abbey Machinery, an industry leader in agricultural equipment, provides a range of solutions that align with the goals of the FETF 2024.


Dribble Bars for Precise Application

Abbey Machinery offers a range of dribble bars with varying working widths, all designed to meet the grant requirements with up to 60% funding possible. Dribble bar features include steel stone trap, premium macerator options and are vertical folding, inclined towards the centre for low transport height. All Abbey dribble bars come fully umbilical ready. Abbey's dribble bars include galvanized finish for longevity, break back booms for flexibility, and wide working widths for efficiency. Abbey’s dribble bar range comes in 7.7m, 9.2m, 10.7m and 12m widths.


Trailing Shoe Applicators for Optimal Performance

Abbey Machinery also provide a wide range of trailing shoe applicators, another eligible item under the FETF 2024 grants. Trailing Shoe applicators ensure precise application of slurry while minimizing surface residue. The range includes options like the new Agri Pro Trailing Shoe, which provides soil engagement with an enhanced contour following, the Premium Trailing Shoe and the Premium Plus Trailing Shoe, known for its durability and innovative design.

The Agri Pro Trailing Shoe is offered in 7.7m, 9.2m and 10.2m widths. The Premium Plus Trailing Shoe is offered in 7.7m, 8.7m and 10.7 widths and the Premium Trailing shoe comes in a 7.7m version.


Flow Meter Technology

Abbey’s Flow Meter technology can be easily integrated to control slurry flow application rates using target rates via in cab control. Flow meter technology can be included in various ISOBUS solutions offered by Abbey as part of our digital optional extras for precision slurry application.

Abbey Machinery also offer a range of Shallow Injection systems in 4 metres, 5 metre and 6 metre widths compatible with the FETF grants.


Investing in Sustainable Farming with Abbey Machinery

With Abbey Machinery's comprehensive range of equipment and the support of the FETF 2024 grants, UK farmers can make significant strides towards reducing emissions and enhancing the efficiency of their operations. Whether it's LESS applicators or Flow Meter technology Abbey Machinery offers solutions tailored to meet the requirements of the FETF 2024 grants.

To learn more about how Abbey Machinery can help you optimize your slurry spreading operations and take advantage of the FETF 2024 grants, contact Martin McWilliam (+44 7879 331071) or David O’Malley (+44 7393 116850) today.

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