10.7m Premium Plus Trailing Shoe Applicator

10.7m Premium Plus Trailing Shoe Applicator

The 10.7m Trailing Shoe follows the ground contours, and reduces in field compaction.

The 10.7m Trailing Shoe accurately placing nutrients at the correct location for the crop. The proven Vogelsang distributors, steel wear points and rubber outlets feed slurry in even lines behind the Trailing Shoe. While all these features are retained, the 10.7m trailing shoe promises to take full advantage of new design geometry and efficiently apply your slurries nutrients

Key Features:

  • 42 ECQ hole ported distributor for improved output from one distributor at 10.7m working width CW auto tensioning of the head.
  • Unique boom geometry allows booms follow ground contours easily.
  • Low transport height, significant height reduction versus other trailing shoes.
  • Folds behind the tanker, narrowed transport widths compared to wide machines that fold along the tanker length.
  • Unique lowered boom folding using hydraulic folding rams, to protect hosing in transport.
Size HP Required Minimum Transport Height Gross Weight
m HP mm kg
10.7 73 350 1,410



Max Transport Width Max Height Rigid Mounted Auto Reverse Valve Distributor
m m    
2.56 3.34 Standard ECQ Standard