2000 Super Vacuum Tanker

2000 Super Vacuum Tanker

• All Abbey Tanks are produced using heavy duty steel barrels, collared dish ends, Battioni Pagani pumps, heavy duty axles and our unique patented double trap system.

Vacuum Tanker complete with:
• MEC 9,000 Pump
• Hydraulic Brakes
• LED Lights
• 20” Rear Door
• Hydraulically Operated Heavy Duty Outlet Valve
• Inverted Spreading Plate
• One Blank Fill Point with 2” Wash Tap
• One Complete 6” Quick Attach Fill Point
• Two Blanked Off Fill Points
• 15ft of 6” Suction Hose
WITH 550/60R X 22.5 WHEELS

  Approx Capacity Approx Capacity Dished End Size Barrel Length Overall Width
  m3 gl inch m mm
2000 9080 2000 68 3.66 2530


Aprox Height Overall Length Pump Capacity Standard Hose Length Sprung Drawbar Back Door Size
mm mm L/min m   Inch
3130 6200 9000 4.58 Optional 24


Unladen Weight Wheel Size
kg STD
2600 550/60X22.5