7.7 DM Band Spreader Applicator

7.7 DM Band Spreader Applicator

The Abbey 7.7 DM Band Spreader has a strong build and is fully galvanised for longer working life

Abbey Machinery’s Door Mounted (DM) Band Spreader is built with a strong bracket on the rear door of Tankers with 50cm (20 inch) and 60cm (24 inch) doors. In addition, there are brackets on the base connected to the chassis to extend working life. At just over 600kg it is strong without adding surplus weight to the Tanker.

  • Applicator is mounted close to the Tanker for maximum weight transfer to the tractor hitch.
  • Connected to the rear door of the Tanker, with additional supports to the chassis.
  •  Lay flat hosing.
  • Vogelsang ExaCut distributor to prepare and present the slurry evenly to each pipe.
  • Unrestricted 30 x 40mm pipes.
  • 7.5m booms.
  • Vertically folding booms.
  • Rear lights for improved visibility.
Size HP Required Minimum Working Height Gross Weight
7.7m 75Hp 150mm 615kg


Maximum Transport Width Maximum Height Rigid Mounted Maximum Height if Mast Mounted Distributor
2.62m 3.35m 3.65m Standard