8.7 Premium Plus Trailing Shoe Applicator

8.7 Premium Plus Trailing Shoe Applicator

Abbey Machinery’s 8.7 Trailing Shoe will achieve even slurry application regardless of weather conditions, crop type and season.

he 8.7 Trailing Shoe distributes slurry below the crop canopy achieving significant sustainability improvements including a 60% reduction in ammonia loss.  Liquid manure is a natural source of nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, organic matter and minerals. The 8.7 Trailing Shoe’s unique boom geometry allows the booms to follow ground contours easily evenly distributing nutrient dense slurry.

Key Features:

  • 34 ECQ hole ported Distributor for improved output from one distributor at 8.7m working width to match tanker sizes
  • Wider working width, faster throughput, less runs up and down the field
  • Transport Height, Significant Height reduction versus other Trailing shoes
  • Folds Behind the tanker, narrowed transport widths compared to wide machines that fold along the tanker length
  • Unique Lowered Boom folding using Hydraulic folding rams, to protect hosing in transport
  • Vertical folding inclined towards centre and narrow on top to minimise upper transport widths

Version HP Required Min Transport Height Gross Weight Max Height Rigid Mounted
8.7 Trailing Shoe 73 350 1210 3.34


Exacut Distributor Umbilical Arm Auto Rev Valve Fold
ECQ Standard   Standard Multi-fold